Pec Implants
Some men are dissatisfied with the contour of their chest and desire a more muscular appearance.
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Pec Implants



Some men are dissatisfied with the contour of their chest and desire a more muscular appearance.

Chest augmentation surgery is performed to achieve this goal by the insertion of implants beneath the pectoral muscles.

What does it involve?

Chest augmentation surgery is performed under general anaesthesia or under local anaesthesia with total intravenous sedation. Some patients may prefer an overnight stay in hospital after the operation, but this is not strictly necessary.
The operation is carried out through short incisions (4-5 cm), most commonly in the armpits. These incisions usually heal very well and the scars will fade into very fine lines, with time.
The implants are placed under the pectoralis major muscle (submuscular). The bruising and swelling will be greatest in the first week and initially the implants will feel quite firm and appear to sit quite high on the chest.
However, over time as the swelling subsides, they will soften and descend to a more natural position.

What implants are used?

Silicone implants are used, which provide excellent shape with a very natural feel. There are different implant options available and every case is approached on an individual basis.
The implant and surgical technique will be chosen to suit each patient’s individual needs. During your consultation, you will have chosen the size and shape of implant that best suits you.

Is it right for me?

Most men seeking chest augmentation have naturally small pectoral muscles or have some asymmetry (difference) between the two sides.

Some men simply wish to have a more developed appearance to their chests.

However, implants alone will not address gynaecomastia (breast development in the male, or sagging of the male breast (ptosis). These problems require a different approach and will be discussed if necessary.

What are the risks?

Complications are RARE, but you should be aware of them so that you can make an informed decision about your surgery.

Every operation carries with it the risk of bleeding, infection and delayed healing, all of which may require urgent or early reoperation.

In addition, there are risks that are specific to chest implants. If the implants themselves become infected, they may have to be removed and not replaced until a much later date.

There may be malposition of the implant and/or asymmetry. There may be loss of nipple sensitivity.

In the longer term, the body forms a shell of collagen round the implant and this is normal. However, in a minority of patients, this shell or ‘capsule’ can contract to deform the implant and consequently the chest may become deformed, hard and painful.

These situations are not harmful, but further surgery may be required to remove the collagen capsule, or to replace the implants.

In some patients, the implants may be felt or may become perceptible through the substance of the chest. They may also move whenever the muscles contract. These phenomena are not harmful, but may be disconcerting unless you have been made aware of them.